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songs of the humpbak whale

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songs of the humpbak whale Empty songs of the humpbak whale

Post by danielle on Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:11 pm

i just finished this book by jodi picoult. it was her first novel she wrote. taking that into consideration it was very good. i plan to read her books in order of publishing dates. this one was slow in the beginning but when jane and rebecca start there journey is when i got into it. it is a loving story of the bond between mother and daughter. oliver, jane's husband and rebecca's father, is a jerk and i would have told him, too little too late. i understand the ending but prefer a different more selfish one for jane. the journey jane and rebecca take is acroos the country from san diego to stow, mass. still not as good as plain truth but very impressive for a first book.
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